Spring 6 Pack

A selection of wines destined for fun in the sun


Disco Puppy – Park White
BBQ, Dog – Park Red
Magoo – Chilled Red
Pippa – Pét Nat
Woof Doof – Pét Nat
Toby – Red Pét Nat

The story

These wines are dseigned for sharing with friends and family. Simple fun.

Disco Puppy – Park White – gentle but textured, fruity and flowery, pineapple and acacia
BBQ, Dog – Park Red – off-dry and round, redskins, raspberry drops
Magoo – Chilled Red – tart and refreshing, black fruits, blackberry tart
Pippa – Pét Nat – crisp and dry, apples, strawberry and hazelnut
Woof Doof – Pét Nat – rich umami, apricot and miso, this is something different
Toby – Red Pét Nat – wild boi, fizzy and fun, sour cherry and watermelon

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