Rhône Inspired Blend

Percy ’22 – GSM/Rhône Blend

Juicy Red


This loveable beast boasts a fruity interior and tantalizing spicy notes, akin to sipping a raspberry cordial with a cinnamon stick.

Percy, a loyal beast, embodies the tangy allure and perpetual pep that red wines from the Rhône Valley are renowned for. Crafted from a harmonious blend of GRENACHE, SYRAH & MOURVÈDRE.

The story

Venture into the heart of Taungurung Country (Heathcote), where the lush Grenache and Syrah grapes flourish under sustainable farming practices. Embracing the land’s natural abundance, these grapes are meticulously tended, ensuring their optimal expression in the final wine.

In the winemaking process, these exceptional grapes embarked on a transformative journey. After a two-week maceration on skins, with daily pumpovers to extract vibrant flavors and hues, they were gently pressed. Their journey continued as they found repose in seasoned French oak barrels, patiently awaiting their moment of perfection.

Let us introduce you to Percy, the inspiration behind this exceptional wine. Just like the Australian Shepherd that bears his name, Percy embodies unwavering loyalty and a touch of FOMO (fear of missing out). As you savor each sip, allow Percy’s spirit to resonate, reflecting his dedication and zest for life. Experience the harmony of sustainable viticulture, meticulous winemaking, and the enduring loyalty embodied by Percy.

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