Mild & Sophisticated

Lou ’22 – Carménère

Juicy Red


Discover Lou’s, a captivating red wine that embodies the essence of a leaf in the breeze.

Crafted from CARMÉNÈRE grapes, this natural wine delights with its mild, subtly sweet character. With a perfect storm of spice and sophistication, Lou’s is a relaxing treat, offering the familiarity of Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of dry mint and paprika.

Experience the pleasure of natural wine with Lou’s, a delightful choice for red wine enthusiasts.

The story

In the heart of Taungurung Country (Heathcote), the Carménère grapes for this remarkable wine were nurtured through sustainable farming practices. Carefully tended with respect for the land, they flourished under the watchful eye of nature’s guardians.

The winemaking journey continued with two weeks of daily pumpovers, where the grape skins and juice intertwined, extracting vibrant flavors and deepening complexity. Once the desired expression was achieved, the wine was gently pressed, ready to embark on its resting phase.

Resting peacefully in old French oak barrels, this Carménère found solace for a period of seven months. Within the embrace of these seasoned vessels, it developed layers of character and refinement, gracefully maturing into a wine of distinction.

Now, let’s unravel the story behind the name—Lou, an anxious yet endearing olf dog, whose days are spent wandering a sprawling property in Macedon. Amidst the vines, Lou watches intently as Dad tends to every detail, fostering a deep connection to the winemaking process.

This wine, an ode to Lou, reflects his unwavering loyalty and affection.

As you savor each sip, allow yourself to be transported to the vineyards where Lou roams, his spirit ever-present in the essence of this Carménère. Celebrate the artistry of winemaking, the devotion to sustainability, and the profound connection between nature, family, and our four-legged companions. Cheers to Lou, to the land, and to the captivating journey of this remarkable wine.


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