Chardonnay 2020


Lenni is incredibly vibrant and wildly luscious.
Lightly bodied and extra sprightly with a cheeky pizzazz that pushes the boundaries.

The wine is Chardonnay, it’s a beauty.

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The story

This Chardonnay hails from Sutherlands Creek, near Geelong, Wadawurrung Country. The fruit was pressed quickly, almost as soon as it came into the cellar, then straight into 3+ year old barrels. Barrels had batonnage – which is a fancy French word for stirring the lees (dead yeasts) back into the wine – for added texture.

It spent about 8 months in barrel and was bottled early December 2020. It was named in honour of Lenni, a Shetland Sheepdog who is always wary of new things and experiences, however once she’s opened up, she is spritely and loves to test the boundaries.

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