Flavourful & Legendary

Ginger ’22 – Marsanne/Pinot Gris



Introducing Ginger, a poetic homage to the wines of Ancient Georgia. Like a luscious apricot, it exudes tender richness. A serene sip reminiscent of green tea with a zesty hint of citrus.

Unveiling the extraordinary MARSANNE/PINOT GRIS, this wine embodies the essence of natural winemaking. Immerse yourself in their legendary allure, crafted with care and devotion to the purest expression of the land. Experience the true beauty of natural wine with Ginger, an enchanting revelation.

The story

In the heart of Erawirung Country (Riverland) and Bendigo, two remarkable wines were born. The Marsanne and Pinot Gris underwent an intensive process—3 weeks on skins for the Marsanne, 2 weeks for the Gris. A heavy press extracted deep, hearty nuttiness and structure, while 6 months of lees aging in stainless steel added complexity. With a touch of bâtonnage, these wines reached their full potential. Their name, a tribute to Ginger, a rescued greyhound now at peace, adds a touch of love to each bottle.

So let’s raise our glasses to these remarkable wines, born from the land’s bounty. With their unique character and the memory of Ginger, they transport us to sun-kissed vineyards, offering a taste that embodies both craftsmanship and heartfelt dedication.

Cheers to the eternal spirit of Ginger, and to the artistry of natural wine.

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