Le Début

After a corporate job in London fell through, Cron was invited to attend harvest in the South of France. It was at a wine tasting event in Le Barroux (in the Ventoux Wine Region /Appellation) with local winemakers where a life-changing wine was poured into his glass, it rocked him, filled him with wonder and made him think long and hard about life. That moment and that wine sparked what would become Beyond the Glass.

Greyhound Rescue

A number of our mates at Beyond the Glass have taken it upon themselves to rescue horselike doggos in the past. Many of which are Maggie and Percy’s good friends. It has always been a philosophy of Cron’s that when you have more than you need, you build a bigger table, not a higher fence. With this in mind, we set out on the path to add something more than just tasty beverages to the world. We wanted to provide a social gesture. Something that gives back to the parts of the community that might need it a little more than others. Greyhounds are mistreated by the racing industry and need rehousing after their lives in the spotlight on the track. We give to assist this transition, to an organisation which runs entirely on volunteers, and looks to save the lives of as many horsey doggies as possible <3

We donate 10% of all profits from our wines with Pinot Gris in them, to Greyhound rescue. We also donate 5% of all other wines sold through our website to this great cause <3

Women in Wine

We’ve always called ourselves feminists… And we think it’s time to put our money where our mouth has been for some time…
It probably won’t be a surprise to many, but the Wine industry has some hugely unfair bias towards men geared into it. We want to be a part of the change that hopefully eventually removes this completely. This is why for every sale on our website, we donate 5% to an incredible group of women who are driving change and supporting the industry minorities – Women and Revolution. WaR is an association dedicated to supporting gender equality in the wine industry. Women and Revolution is for all women including AFAB,* non-binary, and those with a trans experience/history. This is not only something nice to get behind, but for us, being run by a cis white male, it’s necessary <3

The Dogs

Cron and his best mates Maggie and Percy believe that wine should be accessible, relatable and most of all, fun. So every bottle is vinified with that special love that only a hooman and doggo can share. Because there is nothing that is as pure and gratifying as a dog, but good wine comes pretty close.

The Land

Our wines honour the unique characteristics of the land on which they are grown. We are lucky to have access to some amazing regions in Victoria to grow great wine and we are committed to celebrating what the season offers us.

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